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PerkinElmer is a leading provider of Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) and Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) Flat Panel X-ray Detectors. We have more than 20 years of experience supplying standard and customer specific detectors globally.
Since 1987, Shared Imaging has been providing state-of-the-art technology in CT, MRI and PET/CT systems. With over 240 systems placed nationwide, our business is delivering high-quality equipment. But our passion is building long-term relationships.
MedInformatix Inc MedInformatix Inc
Meaningful Use Certified! MedInformatix Version 7.5 RIS/ EHR is sure to satisfy any Radiologist's need while meeting Meaningful Use. With integrated Billing and Interfaces to your choice of PACS, HIS through HL7. contact us today for a personalized demo.
Alliance Imaging Alliance Imaging
Alliance Imaging is the nation’s leading provider of advanced outpatient diagnostic imaging services (MRI, PET/CT, CT). Alliance partners with hospitals and other healthcare providers for fixed sites, mobile services & women’s breast healthcare solutions.

Now you can search the Supplier Network directly from your desktop!

The RSNA Desktop Search application does just that – it allows you to search the Internet for industry specific products, services and information, directly from its small, noninvasive, moveable search window on your desktop.

Easily removable at any time, the RSNA Desktop Search window is simply a basic search tool that will make your supplier search experience easier and more time-efficient. The download is quick and after the easy installation, you are always just a click away from the richest direct marketing community industry supplier database in the world.

To download & install.
  1. Download Setup - if you are prompted to Run or Save the program, choose Run.
  2. When presented with a security warning, choose Run again to install.
  3. Otherwise, once the file is finished downloading, double-click the file called RSNA Setup.exe to install.
Using the RSNA Desktop Search application.
  1. To visit RSNA's website, simply click on their logo.
  2. To change the position of the search window:
    1. Place your mouse in an area of the window where the mouse pointer is visible.
    2. Click and hold the left mouse button, then move the mouse to place the application where you want it.
    3. Release the mouse button.
  3. To search for a product or service, enter a keyword into the white box and click the "Search" button.
  4. To quit, left-click the red x at the top-right of the application window.
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